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Cooper News 9/6/19

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Tennessee Creek Basin Sketch
New England-style, Glade-style and Natural Tree Skiing in TCB

September 6, 2019

Wow, time is flying……….and next week concrete will also be flying!  All Lift Terminal and Tower foundations for the Little Horse T-Bar have been formed and reinforced and are now fully prepared for the arrival of helicopter-delivered concrete.  We will have videos and pictures of that action posted sometime later next week.

Now on to the new trails.  There will be three basic types of terrain in the Tennessee Creek Basin, all of which are very steep.  The first type is narrow, cleared, New England-style trails and would include the lift line trail (Maverick) and the trail to the immediate skier’s left of the lift line (Viper) as well as the maintenance access trail on far skier’s left (High Road and Low Road).  While these trails are completely cleared, caution is advised due to pitch and width.  The second type consists of a number of trails that are classic Glade-style trails where there has been significant, but by no means complete tree clearing, providing areas open enough for comfortable maneuvering among the trees for seasoned skiers (when I use the term “skiers”, I refer to both skiers and snowboarders).  However, please note that there are always hazards present in areas like these, so make sure you are prepared to venture there!  The third type is what would be considered natural tree skiing areas which have had no tree clearing, thus are completely untouched areas.  These areas require top-notch, well-honed skills, but should provide the adventurous soul with a truly exhilarating experience!

We are thrilled to be able to add this demanding new terrain to Cooper’s downhill offerings and hope it will provide a welcome challenge to our guests who feel they are ready for the test!

More to come next week.  Thanks for reading!